• Feb 15 2018

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    Laparoscopic Ovariectomy

    We are so excited to share this picture and video series with you.  These will walk you step by step through a Laparoscopic Ovariectomy on one of our patients, Bailey. ...
  • Nov 19 2018

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    Xylitol not as “sweet” as it claims

    Xylitol is a very popular sugar substitute.  It is seen most commonly in sugarless gum, toothpaste and certain types of peanut butter. For humans, Xylitol is safe BUT it is…

  • Jun 04 2018

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    What is Heartworm?

    Like the name states, heartworm is a worm that is transmitted by mosquitos and lives in your pet’s circulation system (heart, lungs and blood vessels). Heartworm larvae live in mosquito...
  • May 30 2018

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    How do I protect my pet from the sun?

    We have had a lot of our clients wondering how to protect their pet from the sun.  Can you use Sunscreen for your pet?  Visit this excellent article here for…

  • May 08 2018

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    Why is my pup so itchy?!?!

    This is one of the most (if not THE most) common presenting complaints we see in the Veterinary profession.  Your pet can be itchy for a lot of reasons and…

  • Mar 16 2018

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    H3N2 Virus update

    There have been a couple isolated cases of the H3N2 virus reported in Northumberland County.  Here is information from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association on how to keep your pup…

  • Mar 13 2018

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    Litter Box Etiquette

    Inappropriate urination/defecation and spraying are not always a sign of behavioural issues.  If your cat is having any of these issues, it is their way of telling you something is…

  • Mar 06 2018

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    Is A Raw Food Diet Best For My Pet And My Family?

    To Raw, or not to Raw… Pet owners and veterinary professionals alike want what is best for their pets.  And just like other members of your family, what you feed…

  • Feb 13 2018

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    Cats and Vet Care

    Bringing your cat to the vet can be stressful for both you and your feline friend.  We can empathize with these challenges and our goal is to make their visit...
  • Feb 06 2018

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    Essential Oils-Are They Safe For My Cat?

     We have had a lot of questions regarding essential oils and pets.  Here is an excellent article from the Pet Poison Helpline regarding this concern.  "Like oil and water, essential...

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