• Nov 15 2012

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    Dog Park Safety Event

    The Harmony Dog Park is holding their annual ODAWG event on November 21st.  This year it will be held at the Legends Centre and they are holding a draw for two free tickets to go see Cesar Millan…

  • Oct 23 2012

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  • Oct 16 2012

    Farley Day

    On Sunday October 14th we held our first Farley Fundraiser day. Every year during the month of October we sell paw prints and a Farley item to raise funds for the Farley Foundation.  This year we…

  • Sep 18 2012

    Say Cheese!! Farley Foundation Fundraiser

    Come out to support the Farley Foundation-and get some great treats too!  …

  • Aug 29 2012

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    What is it like in a hot car?

    Ever wonder what if feels like to be left in a hot car for a dog or cat?

  • Aug 29 2012

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    Litter Box 101

    Want some great hints and tips on how to improve your cats litter box techniques?

  • Aug 23 2012

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    Jerky Dog Chew Caution

    Recently there has been some concern to certain dog jerky chews.  Please click here to be directed to the news article for more information on how this may affect your pet.