• Aug 23 2012

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    Jerky Dog Chew Caution

    Recently there has been some concern to certain dog jerky chews.  Please click here to be directed to the news article for more information on how this may affect your pet.

  • Aug 14 2012

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    Press Release: Cat spay/neuter initiative

    Click here to read the press release for the new cat spay and neuter initiative that has now begun.

  • Aug 01 2012

    Helping Cat Overpopulation in Durham

    Commencing August 2, 2012 forty-two veterinary offices in Durham are going to begin partnering with the Humane Society in hopes to help reduce the cat overpopulation issues. …

  • Jul 27 2012

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    The Golden Rescue Wishbone Lottery

    The Golden Rescue is an excellent organization which is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.  They are currently holding a draw to raise funds to provide health care to dogs that are being cared…

  • Jul 25 2012

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    "Loki" has found his forever home!!

    We are beyond thrilled to announce that Loki (referred to as Thor in the newspaper) has found his forever family! …

  • Jul 21 2012

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    Top 10 Summer Safety Tips

    Summer is an exciting time for us and our pets.  Here is a great article with tips on how to have a fun but safe summer!

  • Jul 18 2012

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    Annual Examinations for our Feline friends

    Having your cats health monitored on a yearly basis by a veterinarian is essential to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life.  Watch this great video on why it's important.