• Aug 10 2017

    Thumbnail for Check the Chip!

    Check the Chip!

    Check the Chip Day is coming up on August 15th! Many pets are microchipped for identification purposes should the pet become lost. But the chip is only as good as the information that it carries. …

  • Aug 03 2017

    Thumbnail for Pets as Probiotics?

    Pets as Probiotics?

    We’ve all heard the expression that you have to eat a pound of dirt before you die, but what does this really mean? No, don’t pick up your spoon and start eating the dirt from your garden, but…

  • Jul 27 2017

    Thumbnail for National Mutt Day
  • Jul 20 2017

    Thumbnail for High-Rise Syndrome in Cats

    High-Rise Syndrome in Cats

    With the arrival of warm weather comes the time when we throw our windows wide open and enjoy time relaxing on the balcony with the door left open. Out comes your cat to visit while you enjoy the late…

  • Jul 13 2017

    Thumbnail for Pet Fire Safety Day

    Pet Fire Safety Day

    Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15th so take some time this weekend to ensure that you have a fire safety plan in place that includes your pets. Make your home fire safe for your pets, and include your…

  • Jul 06 2017

    Thumbnail for Heat Exhaustion and Dogs

    Heat Exhaustion and Dogs

    Summer temperatures are soaring! Even a short walk in the blazing sun is enough to make us hot and in need of a cool drink. Imagine how your dog feels if he has to stay outdoors for extended periods…

  • Jun 29 2017

    Thumbnail for Summer Vacation with Your Dog

    Summer Vacation with Your Dog

    Ahhh, summer vacation. Long, leisurely hikes in the mountains, romping on the beach, camping under the stars… all great experiences for you to have with your pup. Preparing ahead of time will ensure…