• Sep 18 2013

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    Poisoning Warning

    Please take a minute to read this short article.  The incident happened in the Burlington area but it is still a good idea to keep in mind wherever you are.  Click here for the article.

  • Jul 17 2013

    Kids and to interact

    If you have a child and a pet, just a pet or want to teach your child the proper way to approach and play with animals this is the article for you.  It's important to remember that like humans,…

  • Jul 17 2013

    Big Bike Fundraiser

    This was our first year participating in the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Fundraiser. Together our team raised $3000 for the charity. We had a great time, raised money for a great cause and got a killer…

  • Jun 21 2013

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    Toronto bans the selling of pups/kittens in pet stores.

    More great news for pets this week! Toronto has banned the selling of cats and dogs in pet stores. This is to help end puppy mills and hopefully increase the number of pets adopted from humane…

  • Jun 18 2013

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    New Hotline for Animal Abuse Reports

    Great news for pet lovers everywhere.  Similar to the Crime Stoppers hotline, there is now a resource for anyone to call and report animal abuse at any time.  This is a great idea and will hopefully…

  • Apr 22 2013

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    Making that tough decision

    There comes a point in every pets life where the decision to euthanize needs to made.  To answer any question you may have from the set up of the appointment to the actual procedure itself please…

  • Apr 15 2013

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