Our facility is currently equipped to board your feline and canine friends. We ask that you bring their own diet to avoid stomach upset.  We have lots of comfy blankets and beds for your pet to use during their stay.  If your pet requires medication we are able to administer that as well.  We have different size kennels for your pet and also a feline only room.  You will often find many of our staff members cuddling one of our boarding friends during our lunch hours or spare time.

We do require that all boarding pets be up to date on their vaccinations (DHPP or FVRCP and Rabies.  Canines must have the Bordetella vaccination as well).  We are a running veterinary hospital that does take care of ill pets.  We have an intensive disinfecting protocol that will limit their exposure but we like to make sure you are aware of the potential contact. 

You may bring your pet anytime during our office hours to begin their stay.  We do not release pets during closed business hours (no pick up on Sundays).  Give the office a call to come see where your pet will stay or to book your spot!

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