Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. We use the company AVID Microchips at the clinic.  These are a one time implant that will last your pet’s life.  We typically administer the microchip while your pet is under anesthetic for their Spay or Neuter although we can do this at any time.  The needle used is a bit larger than the vaccination needle so they won’t feel it under anesthetic.  It will also give time for the microchip implant to settle in the implant location.  If your pet has already been spayed or neutered we can administer the microchip at any appointment time.

Universally, all microchips are inserted between the shoulder blades of your pet.  If your pet is found, all shelters and Veterinary clinics have a scanner on hand.  A personalized number appears on the scanner and we are able to obtain your contact information.  It is very important to keep your contact information updated directly with the company (moving, new phone number or owner information).



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