Nutritional Counseling

As with people, the phrase “you are what you eat” pertains to pets too. The quality of the diet you choose for your pet will set the stage for their immediate and future health. Not only does a high quality diet offer a healthy skin and coat on the outside, but also aids healthy organ function on the inside. Our staff can help you to decide the best diet for your cat or dog based on breed, age and medical conditions to which your pet may be predisposed. At Taunton Road Animal Hospital, we have a full line of maintenance and prescription diets to satisfy your pet’s health needs.

Our technologists have further training and new exciting tools that will help us determine the amount of weight loss that is suitable for your pet.  With your dedication at home by using the recommended food and feeding amounts we can help your pet shed those extra pounds.  To set up an appointment with one of our technologists to have your pet assessed please call us today.  There is no charge to our clients for this appointment.



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